Preflight Checklist for Drones

UAV & Drone Preflight Checklist

Safety is important part of being part 107 Certified

Below is a preflight checklist for drone pilots.

What preflight action is required of a pilot?

Pilots are required to establish a checklist before they takeoff to ensure the safety of the flights and surroundings. Important items in a checklist are checking for overhead utilities and identifying any obstacles in the air.

The checklist for drone pilots above is what the pilots at Drone Detective use before taking off. The checklist ensures safety and allows pilots to get into the headspace to be prepared to fly. Flying a drone can be dangerous if surroundings are not checked and aircrafts haven’t been updated with the latest firmware.

Why preflight checklists are important?

Preflight checklists are important because they allow habits to form that allow the pilot to get into the proper headspace to fly a drone. The preflight checklist is a complete list of everything that needs to be checked and observed before a safe flight. Preflight checklists are done in real aircrafts to ensure pilots are in control of the aircraft.

The preflight checklist was created by Boeing Corporation following the 1935 crash of the prototype Boeing B-17.  

Preflight checklist for drones

Even though drones do not carry humans they can still cause many thousands of dollars of damages if not properly flown. A preflight checklist for drones is important for any pilot that is 107 certified and flying professionally.

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